Web Development

Welcome to our Web Development course. In this course, we’ll explore the dynamic world of web development with PHP and MySQL, introduce you to essential tools, and create a solid foundation. We’ll bring it all together to build dynamic web applications with PHP and MySQL. You’ll create user registration, authentication, and interaction features. You’ll tackle a real-world web development challenge, applying everything you’ve learned.

web designing

Web Designing

Welcome to the Web Design course. In this course, we’ll explore the fascinating world of web design, its impact on user experiences, and introduce you to the essential tools and technologies. Analyze exemplary websites and their design elements. In this course we’ll work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

office automation course

Office Automation

Welcome to MS Office Essentials course. In this course, we’ll dive into the world of Microsoft Office and discover its relevance in today’s professional landscape. We’ll also introduce the exciting final project you’ll work on throughout this course.